Heroes and Friends of Amsterdam selected the Marchena Lightupcane for promotion

The Marchena Lightupcane project has been selected for the Heroes of Amsterdam program (Site is in Dutch only).

GoPro camera en hoesje


Work is currently underway on a genuine Virtual Reality 360-degree film about the luminous white cane.


On 20 June at 8 pm this film, with the other initiatives of Helden van Amsterdam, will premiere in Impact Hub in Amsterdam.

To be continued.

This camara will be used to capture the video of how the Marchena Lightup Cane actually works. The result will be a 360 degree movie!

Sam’s review of the updated Marchena Cane

In this video Sam reviews the updated Marchena Cane. It is a spontaneous review during a live stream and we enjoyed seing Sam react to the improvements and brain storm his ideas about how we can improve for the next versions.

We aim to blow Sam away when we send him the newest innovations next time.

What difference a Maker can make!

What may not so obvious is that Sam’s original cane was adapted by Jesse Estridge, a maker in Lexington Kentucky where Sam lives.

Jesse adapted the cane using very basic instructions and the 3D print files. Three cuts, some epoxy glue and presto!

This is so amazing! The result proves that any maker can build adapt and enhance the Marchena Cane.

You can click on the image to visit Jesse Estridges website.

Sam’s review (you may want to scroll to min 11:00)

Debby is featured on Eyes on Success Podcast

Debby was interviewed in the studios of the Amsterdam TV / Radio Station AT5 for the American internet platform “Eyes of Success”. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey had heard about het exploits and took great effort to do to a very professional interview with Debby indeed!. Here is the podcast. The purpose of the “Eyes on Success” internet platform is to discusses products, services and daily living tips for people with vision loss, all from their smartphone or PC. The “Eyes on Success” website excels in simplicity and accessibility. Nancy and Peter did a great interview and also gave Debby lots of tips and tricks to enhance her internet presence. Great people, fantastic interview. We have fantastic people in our VIP communicty, you just have to find them!

First Marchena Cane Exported to the US

The first production Marchena Cane Prototype was sent off via DHL today. Our first customer is Sam of TheBlindLife vlog.

This version has a simple rechargeable flashlight with three modes; High, medium and Flicker mode.

In “High” mode the Cane is a beauty to behold and in flicker mode it can not be missed. We hope Sam will enjoy this modern day rendition of the nearly 100 year old Blind cane.

Correctbook = Ideabook

Correctbook deserves yout attention. What is Correctbook for me? It is my Ideabook and an opportunity for children in Africa and Latin America to learn to read and write.

How do you work with ideas? You write something on a piece of paper, or something you happen to have with you, you scratch something, throw papers away and then it is there!

Just that is a shame about the messy paper with all scratched ideas and especially a shame about wasting all that precious paper! This is where Correctbook, an endless rewritable notebook comes in. Think of a mini-whiteboard that you can always use, never worry about empty batteries and never look for papers again. And what comes with it makes it completely! Correctbook donates 25% of the Business to Consumer and 10% Business to Business to Correctbooks for children in Africa and Latin America.

I do not want to be without it, it worked for me!

Visit Correctbook and reward yourself with endles writing!


(Dutch Site) At Visio everyone can go to questions about being visually impaired or blind. Visio offers information and advice, but also various forms of research, guidance, rehabilitation, education and living. These services are for people who are visually impaired or blind, even if they also have an intellectual, physical or other sensory impairment. Personal and professional stakeholders can also contact Visio for information and expertise promotion.