Sam is an inspiring person who sharply portrays the perspective of VIPs through his youtube channel, Sam inspires people to actively participate in society, be (more) self-reliant and mobile. Awesome guy!

Derek’s Life after sight loss Channel is another very valuable source of information and inspiration!

One more awesome Dude!


Debby is invited to present her Marchena Cane at the Innovation for Health Event in Rotterdam 2019. The event takes
In this video Sam reviews the updated Marchena Cane. It is a spontaneous review during a live stream and we
Eyes on Success is an American News Platform for VIP's, surely worth a visit! Nancy and Peter Torpey have been
Louisette, our local designer / maker, has refined Peter Hanely's design to create a connector system that is suitable for
The post informs Dutch speaking VIP's about an independent news site specifically aimed at VIP's.
Our Light up cane tester in the US has passed the 10,000 subscribers. Awesome feat! In order to accomplish this,
Peter Hanely from California designed the first version of the coupling for the project to make the Marchena Cane divisible.
Correctbook deserves yout attention. What is Correctbook for me? It is my Ideabook and an opportunity for children in Africa
(Dutch Site) At Visio everyone can go to questions about being visually impaired or blind. Visio offers information and advice,