I received this in response to my letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management: I hereby respond to
          it turns out that we are in book with our LightupCane!
Crises and accidents are a cultural pressure cooker. They invite innovation. Super interesting! For example, many individuals and maker communities
Hello dear supporters, I tried to make a video with a mild cold to participate in the Holman competition. The
Two teams of students gave a joint presentation about the DIY version of the Lightupcane. They have made it suitable
At the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences 2 teams of students have made the DIY version of the Lightupcane user-friendly,
Students put the finishing touches to the improved prototypes of the Marchena Lightupcane. The presentation will take place during the
Members of the Executive Board and education managers met yesterday during Knowledge network meeting Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Kenniscentrum
The first Make Health Open Evening took place on November 14 in the Waag Amsterdam. More than 10 technicians accepted
Debby presented her light emitting white canes at the Embassy of Health at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at
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Students of the Hogeschool Rotterdam are going to improve the Lightupcane. What are the two groups of students going to
The students of Windesheim initiated a very interesting innovation. The students have investigated how the VIP can alert other road
  Each year the worldwide Fab Lab community gather to share. The Marchena Lightupcane is being presented at the international
June 20 the VR videos of Heroes & Friends Amsterdam were shown for the firsttime. The same goes for Debby’s
Aankondiging VR filmpje
The collaboration between Debby and the Heroes & Friends of Amsterdam has resulted in a Virtual Reality (VR) movie about
Julian, Max and Calvin from VWO 4 of the Caland Lyceum in Amsterdam have worked on making the Marchena Lightup
    Students from Windesheim can follow an Honours Program in addition to their study program, in which they devise
The Marchena Lightupcane project has been selected for the Heroes of Amsterdam program (Site is in Dutch only).   Work
On 8 May 2019, Debby visited SightCity, the largest trade show for VIP devices in Europe. There was an incredible
Thursday 18 April there was an exhibition of Make Health III in Contact 020. Contact Amsterdam is a maker space
Debby had a lot of fun presenting the Lightupcane to the VIPs' present and other interested parties, here are some
Debby's Lightupcane was invited by Fred Boot, Employee Advice and Information, to present the luminous cane at Visio Heerhugowaard at
Royal Visio is the most prominent Dutch Organisation with the purpose to improve VIP Life, Social Inclusion and Mobility. Debby
During the Health Event, we were regularly asked if we would also provide a simpler entry-level signaling stick, so that
The 23rd edition of the ZieZo exhibition takes place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March 2019. This exhibition is
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Debby is invited to present her Marchena Cane at the Innovation for Health Event in Rotterdam 2019. The event takes
In this video Sam reviews the updated Marchena Cane. It is a spontaneous review during a live stream and we
Debby was interviewed in the studios of the Amsterdam TV / Radio Station AT5 for the American internet platform "Eyes
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  Mel Bohrmann observed Debby with her Lightup cane whilst walking and shared here exprecience on facebook. Just click on
Gerard from Hoofddorp has the honor to test the first collapseable Blind Cane. He prefers to use a roller instead
Louisette, our local designer / maker, has refined Peter Hanely's design to create a connector system that is suitable for
The post informs Dutch speaking VIP's about an independent news site specifically aimed at VIP's.
The Team presented their prototypes during a very well attended “Make Health” presentation. A total of 13 project teams proudly
Here Debby gives a street interview in Amsterdam. (Dutch only).
Light-up Cane vs Normal Blindcane. Any questions?
Debby is always in motion. She is tinkering with the idea to find balance of the cane that would make
We are getting another step closer to the production ready version of the Marchena Cane. We printed Peter's couplings and
Debby is admiring the pretty artwork made of "Bondaged rubber bycicle tires" at the Dutch Design Week exposition in Eindhoven,
Peter Hanely, our designer from across the pond outdid himself again with a very lean design for the connectors to
Our Light up cane tester in the US has passed the 10,000 subscribers. Awesome feat! In order to accomplish this,
Especially for our Local Dutch Supporters! You can help Debby fund getting the Light-up-cane to production via her getfunded.nl campaign.
Debby started her GoFundme campaign. The aim is to get funds to make the cane ready for production and the
The Fab Lab De Waag opened the doors for Debby to perform the presentation of her New Blind Cane. The
Peter Hanely from California designed the first version of the coupling for the project to make the Marchena Cane divisible.
Picture white cane in Amsterdam city
Debby is testing the Marchena Cane in Amsterdam, in the Historic Center, close to the FabLab "De Waag"  
Today Debby met a blind gentleman close to the EYE in Amsterdam. He showed his measure to make the Blind
We downloaded the STL files from the blindjedi website and printed them on a very basic 3D printer. If this
We tested the Marchena Cane in pitch black, the super reflective layer makes it visible really well. When you switch
The first production Marchena Cane Prototype was sent off via DHL today. Our first customer is Sam of TheBlindLife vlog.
Correctbook deserves yout attention. What is Correctbook for me? It is my Ideabook and an opportunity for children in Africa
Debby executed a road test in busy Amsterdam close to the Central Station, where she had the accident that set
During the first MakeHealth: Prototyping series participant Debby Marchena developed a light-giving white stick in FabLab Amsterdam. During this MakeHealth
Towards a usable prototype We continue to experiment! The most recent stick (early September 2018) is fiberglass, with highly reflective
During the final presentation of Prototyping Health in the Waag, everyone could admire the prototypes. The question, which almost everyone
The FabLab in the Waag in Amsterdam The FabLab van de Waag, on the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam, is filled with
This website is aimed to enhance the lives of the Visually Impaired and Blind (VIB). For this to work we