Proces Prototyping 0.3 

I sent my brother videos on which I crossed the luminous sticks, to show him what I was doing. My idea was to develop a renewed white stick Open Source, put the idea and the documents on the web, link it to the Waag, and then anyone who wanted it could get started.

He reacted enthusiastically. He had created a domain name, started a website, and he immediately started making a project plan and business canvas, no idea that that existed … Then he asked me if I wanted to stay involved in production, sales and logistics? That seemed really awkward to me, so I asked him if he wanted to do that.

He became the project manager.

He sent links about start-ups, a universe that is unknown to me. Later he sent books.

My brother had also started experimenting. He is technical. He had made prototypes with super clear impact-resistant acrylic, a white reflective tape with red reflective tip, and one with super-reflective opaque tape.

I road tested the highly reflective option, as you can see, visibility is perfect, the cane was a bit too flexible, back to the drawing board.