Sam’s review of the updated Marchena Cane

Sam’s review of the updated Marchena Cane

In this video Sam reviews the updated Marchena Cane. It is a spontaneous review during a live stream and we enjoyed seing Sam react to the improvements and brain storm his ideas about how we can improve for the next versions.

We aim to blow Sam away when we send him the newest innovations next time.

What difference a Maker can make!

What may not so obvious is that Sam’s original cane was adapted by Jesse Estridge, a maker in Lexington Kentucky where Sam lives.

Jesse adapted the cane using very basic instructions and the 3D print files. Three cuts, some epoxy glue and presto!

This is so amazing! The result proves that any maker can build adapt and enhance the Marchena Cane.

You can click on the image to visit Jesse Estridges website.

Sam’s review (you may want to scroll to min 11:00)


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