Sam’s review of the updated Marchena Cane

In this video Sam reviews the updated Marchena Cane. It is a spontaneous review during a live stream and we enjoyed seing Sam react to the improvements and brain storm his ideas about how we can improve for the next versions.

We aim to blow Sam away when we send him the newest innovations next time.

What difference a Maker can make!

What may not so obvious is that Sam’s original cane was adapted by Jesse Estridge, a maker in Lexington Kentucky where Sam lives.

Jesse adapted the cane using very basic instructions and the 3D print files. Three cuts, some epoxy glue and presto!

This is so amazing! The result proves that any maker can build adapt and enhance the Marchena Cane.

You can click on the image to visit Jesse Estridges website.

Sam’s review (you may want to scroll to min 11:00)

Divisible Cane: Conical Connectors

Louisette, our local designer / maker, has refined Peter Hanely’s design to create a connector system that is suitable for testing by users.

One walking stick is on its way to Bali, we had to speed up a bit, otherwise the walking stick would not fit in the luggage!

These connectors can be downloaded here, click on the image to download the 3D print file.

Male connector


Female connector

De 8 mm Gripper.


The result!

And as icing on the cake a nice ring to keep the flashlight focused and less whobbly.

Our friends in the USA in action – We have the first coupling to collapse the cane

Peter Hanely from California designed the first version of the coupling for the project to make the Marchena Cane divisible.

This link fits onto itself, so the design is very easy to replicate for production. The design is also made in such a way that the current cane can be easily adapted. The VIB does not have to buy a new cane!

Naturally, the link will  be tested by our discerning VIB test team (Oh dear!) and improved on the basis of their feedback. 

The first step for enhancement of the Marchena Cane is there!

Peter has designed more beautiful things, you can admire his works of art on his shapeways site and download the 3D print files for your own project for a friend’s prize.

For the more technically inclined, here is the link to Peter’s github Project page.

Correctbook = Ideabook

Correctbook deserves yout attention. What is Correctbook for me? It is my Ideabook and an opportunity for children in Africa and Latin America to learn to read and write.

How do you work with ideas? You write something on a piece of paper, or something you happen to have with you, you scratch something, throw papers away and then it is there!

Just that is a shame about the messy paper with all scratched ideas and especially a shame about wasting all that precious paper! This is where Correctbook, an endless rewritable notebook comes in. Think of a mini-whiteboard that you can always use, never worry about empty batteries and never look for papers again. And what comes with it makes it completely! Correctbook donates 25% of the Business to Consumer and 10% Business to Business to Correctbooks for children in Africa and Latin America.

I do not want to be without it, it worked for me!

Visit Correctbook and reward yourself with endles writing!


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