Archive Sunday February 24th, 2019

Light Emitting Signalling Cane

During the Health Event, we were regularly asked if we would also provide a simpler entry-level signaling stick, so that the users can also get used to the newfangled appearance of the Marchena Cane.

This model is a lot easier to set up, not divisible, with a simpler design and easy to replace rechargeable battery. For emergencies you can also put in an Alkaline battery.

Marchena Cane is at the “Ziezo” VIP congress in Utrecht

The 23rd edition of the ZieZo exhibition takes place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March 2019. This exhibition is an event for everyone with a visual impairment, their family, friends, supervisors and everyone who has to do this professionally. In addition to an extensive and cozy exhibition floor, the visitor is also offered a scholarship program with presentations and workshops on broad social topics related to low-vision.

Debby is invited to show off her Marchena Cane. For Stand information, please follow this link. (Dutch only).