Archive Monday September 9th, 2019

New Project Hogeschool Rotterdam

Students of the Hogeschool Rotterdam are going to improve the Lightupcane.

What are the two groups of students going to do?

Making the cane user-friendly for the blind. For example, there is no tactile feedback that the light is burning, or that it stops shining, or a signal that the battery is running low. And if the cane falls it would be handy if the cane makes a noise so that you can find it again. In addition, they can come up with brilliant ideas themselves, as long as they keep communicating with me and document everything well. They also document things that “go wrong”, in order to avoid that the same “unsuccessful solutions” are devised and tried out every time.

The two groups of students had planned to “avoid” each other as much as possible during the first few weeks. Then each group can come up with ideas and solutions in deep isolation. Then they come together to forge plans together or not and to divide the work. I am super curious and very grateful!