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Impression of the ZieZo event

Debby had a lot of fun presenting the Lightupcane to the VIPs’ present and other interested parties, here are some impressions.


The visitors and the colleagues at the event stand have subjected the Lightupcane to close inspection and “Road Tests” for two days during the event.


People were positively impressed.

Lightupcane presentation on the open day at the Royal Visio

Debby’s Lightupcane was invited by Fred Boot, Employee Advice and Information, to present the luminous cane at Visio Heerhugowaard at the Open Visio Day. This was of course an invitation that we could not turn down.

The public found Debby’s invention “a real solution” for visibility of VIPs in the dark and in bad weather.

The table was well attended and we also received good feedback from VIPs and other visitors.

Most VIPs found the handle of the Lightupcane Blind Cane pretty slim, although some people found the edge where the plastic of the handle flows into the flashlight somewhat annoying. Certainly if you have to commute for a long time, it may rub the skin too much. With the new handle design, the cylinder has been extended to address this problem.

In general, the handle of the “Simple signalling Cane” was experienced as being extremely pleasant in the hand, although for some the handle seemed a bit large.

The signalling cane is just one meter long and equipped with a touch point. A lady who is not that tall wanted a Signalling cane like that, but with the “Gripper point” so she could connect her roller onto the Cane. What a great idea! We would not have come up so quickly ourselves. So you see again, the user ultimately decides how they want to use their Blind Cane themselves.

As a thank you for the invitation and for introducing as many VIPs as possible to the Lightupcane, we have donated a Lightupcane Blind Cane and also a signalling Cane.

We wish the entire Visio Team tons of fun with the Lightupcane. Fred immediately started testing the Cane (see photo at the top).

There were a large number of people who visited Visio because, for various reasons, had lost sight or were losing sight. Visio has an enormous amount of knowledge and resources for this target group to prepare the VIP for the future. During the day, Visio colleagues held several workshops and demonstrated the possibilities that Visio can facilitate. There is a wealth of knowledge within the team that is made entirely available to VIPs. The team really goes for it, very cool to be able to experience this up close.

Visio also gives workshops to do something with Art. In addition to the luminous Blind Cane and the and the Visio activities, there was also the exhibition by Rachel Kuipers. Rachel is a VIP whose vision continues to decline.

You could not ignore the artworks of Rachel’s exhibition when you entered. She works with colored wax on heated paper (A2 size hot plate!) And makes amazingly beautiful art.

The photo on the left is an impression, you can see the beauty of the composition well and you can see the detail a bit.

In real life the artworks are spectacularly detailed and the colors just stand out. You really can’t imagine how someone with such low vision with just pieces of colored wax can paint with this precision on a piece of paper on a hot plate.


It is exactly as Rachel says: “I don’t paint with my eyes, I paint with my heart and soul.”

The themes, the colors, the composition and the finesse of her work are ingenious and extremely artistic. This artist deserves respect and a wider stage!

You can admire Rachel’s work on her facebook page and also make an appointment to see and purchase her artwork. 







You can tell from the faces of Rachel and Robert Jan that it was a successful day! Chapeau for this beautiful couple and thanks for the Brownies (they were heavenly!)

Marchena Cane is invited at the Royal Visio Event in Heerhugowaard

Royal Visio is the most prominent Dutch Organisation with the purpose to improve VIP Life, Social Inclusion and Mobility.

Debby is invited to present her invention to Visio and the visitors of the event. There are many more interesting presentations, For your Convenience we include the “Google Translated” Itenary of the event.

The even takes place in Saturday 16th of march 2019 from 11:00 until 15:00 hrs in Heerhugowaard, Netherlands; Address: Gildestraat 3, 1704 AG Heerhugowaard .


Seeing and not seeing Looking at the possibilities in daily functioning: what results in research into visual acuity, contrast, light, visual field and someone who is visually impaired.

Digital access to the world Smartphones, tablets and the latest iPhoneX: what meaning do they have in the lives of visually impaired or blind people? And what are the possibilities with enlargement and speech if you prefer to work on your PC or laptop? What can home automation give you if you see little or nothing?

From despair to hope What will change in your life if everything you did and considered important is no longer self-evident? If you have to say goodbye to your old way of life and look for a new interpretation, it hurts. What would change in your life if you become blind or visually impaired? That is what we think about.

A poorly sighted or blind child You develop as a child and participate fully in a world that you do not yet understand. How do you do that? And how can your environment best support you in this? The youth team specialists tell you all about it.

Making everyday life easier is not expensive or complicated. Experience the challenges you encounter in everyday activities such as reading and drinking when you are visually impaired. Discover how simple solutions sometimes are, what strategies you can use and what can be done with color, contrast or light.

Braille What function does Braille still have in the digital world? Why do blind children still learn braille? Experience for yourself how and why Braille is still being used.

Blind experience garden Heukelshof Birds ‘looking’ without seeing, that is possible in the Blindentuin de Heukelshof in Alkmaar. On the open day they are present with an experience table.

Encaustic Art During her rehabilitation trajectory at Visio, Rachel discovered Encaustic Art (painting with beeswax). A painting technique that can also be used non-visually. Old revalidant Rachel shows the effect of visual rehabilitation with her paintings. During the open day Rachel opens her exhibition on the ground floor of Visio in Heerhugowaard. She gives demos on the spot and is available for questions. View Rachel’s Facebook page.

Test the luminous stick Debby Machena is busy developing a stick with lighting / luminous stick. On the open day she is present with trial models for demo and to try out. She would like to receive feedback from other stick users. More information can be found on the website lightupcane.

You do not just look with your eyes (but also with your brain). Experience yourself what it is like to orientate yourself with limited vision and to walk in an (outside) space that you do not know. And discover the added value of visual training in case of visual field failure (eg by hemianopia).

Meet and greet with Visio professionals and experience experts 

What does work advice mean for Visio? Nathalie van der Linden, expert experience manager answers questions about getting to work and staying with a visual impairment. What do you need? And how can the professionals of Visio support this?

What role does social work in an organization have for visually impaired and blind people?

Ambulant living support is focused support in promoting the self-reliance of people with a visual impairment who live independently. Who are these professionals and what can they mean for visually impaired and blind people?

You can also use your professionalism for visually impaired and blind people.

Are you interested in working at Royal Visio? View our vacancies and engage in conversation with our professionals.

Activities for children Children can collect points during the route through the building by solving questions or doing an experience assignment. From all good solutions the winner is drawn who, together with family or friends, wins an experience at Blindentuin de Heukelshof in Alkmaar.