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Heaven of God Ideas

Prototype mondkapje

Prototype Mondkapje

Crises and accidents are a cultural pressure cooker. They invite innovation. Super interesting!

For example, many individuals and maker communities are currently alleviating problems in healthcare. The famous issue of mouth masks and respirators, for example, is a matter of great concern. Suddenly there are too few. That is why people are busy devising alternatives themselves. Attempts can lead to innovation, especially by soaking together. Time will tell which attempts were successful and which go to Heaven of Good Ideas. You only know that afterwards.

If it turned out not to be such a good idea, you will enter a new phase. What do you learn from the feedback? Is it a matter of improving the elaboration of the idea to make it good, or can you send the idea to Heaven of Good Ideas?

The Heaven of Good Ideas has a predominantly positive atmosphere. So many attempts to improve the fate of people and animals, so much inventiveness, so much love!

Is there reason to be sad when a good idea turns out to be not so good? Is it bad to send an idea to heaven?
Yes and no.
Yes, because how nice would it have been if the problem with this invention had been solved?
No, because it is better to try seriously than to think in advance that it is not possible. We have learned new things. We may have met new people in the process and new ideas will bubble up. Only when we make it and try it out will we know if it can work. You only know if it is working properly if you have it tested.

I assume that the hard labor of Makers during this Corona crisis will yield so many usable and easy-to-produce masks and respirators that in the near future all of humanity will be better protected against subsequent outbreaks of viral respiratory infections. Also in economically disadvantaged areas.

Before that protection is actually there, a lot of iterations and “failures” and other learning moments are needed. We all need these. In this context it is therefore an honor if a mask goes to a gallery in the Heaven of Good Ideas.

I wish all Makers inspiration and success.
Thank you in advance for your hard work!

Nous maintiendrons!

Debby Marchen