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Testing the first collapseable version of the Cane

Gerard from Hoofddorp has the honor to test the first collapseable Blind Cane. He prefers to use a roller instead of a simple point, which is the first time that Marchena Caneis tested in this way. The reason Gerard is the first to test is because the cane would not fit his suitcase otherwise and we did not want this gentlemen to go to Bali without his Marchena Cane.

The inhabitants of the city in Bali where Gerard stays do not know what the blind cane really means, so they do not recognise him immediately as a blind person, on the other hand he is much better visible, which reduces the risk of accidents. Perhaps time for a campaign to make it safer for the Blind on the in this great city.

Make cane collapseable: Conical connectors

Louisette, our local Designer / Maker refined Peter Hanely’s design to make a connector system that is fit for testing by the users. One cane is on it’s way to Bali, we had to speed up a bit, or the cane would not have fitted in the luggage!

These connectors can be downloaded here.

Male connector

Female connector

The 8 mm Gripper

This is how the cane looks like:

To top things off, Louisette also created a locking ring for the flashlights.

Debby Baffles Berlin

Debby visited a trade fair in Germany to network, get new ideas and find interested parties for her Marchena Cane. Once in Berlin she visited the interesting sites as well and made quite a show with her cane.

She’ll be back!




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